In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the center of attention in the world of technology and science. This technology offers enormous potential to improve various aspects of our lives and industries. Today, we'll look at how AI is surpassing human creativity and intelligence, and what this means for small business owners and self-employed people.

Creativity and intelligence

Creativity is the ability to generate new and unique ideas or concepts, while intelligence is the ability to acquire, analyze, understand, and use information. Both of these concepts play a key role in human progress and innovation. However, with the development of AI, there is a shift where these abilities are being transferred to machines.

Advantages of AI over humans

Big Data: AI algorithms can process and analyze huge amounts of data in a short amount of time, allowing them to find new patterns and connections that might have escaped the human brain.

Continuous evolution: AI is constantly learning and improving using techniques such as machine learning and deep learning. This means that their powers of creativity and intelligence are constantly improving.

Objectivity: unlike humans who can be influenced by emotions or biases, AI algorithms remain objective, allowing them to come up with unbiased and novel ideas.

Collaboration: AI systems can collaborate with other AI systems, allowing them to exchange information and ideas, increasing their creative and intellectual potential.

What should small entrepreneurs and self-employed people do?

Education: it is important to learn about AI technologies and their capabilities in order to use them effectively in your business.

Adaptation: Small entrepreneurs and self-employed people should consider implementing AI into their business processes to remain competitive and innovative. This may include automating routine tasks, using AI in research and development, or marketing strategies.

Adapting the workforce: as AI becomes increasingly important in business, it is important that workers acquire the skills needed to work with these technologies. Consider investing in training and education for your employees to become AI-competent.

Ethics and Responsibility: It's important to keep in mind the ethical and responsible use of AI. Consider creating ethical policies and rules for the use of AI in your business, and ensure that you follow laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy.


Artificial intelligence is taking the creative and intellectual baton from humans and offers unprecedented potential for business improvement and innovation. Small businesses and self-employed people should recognize the importance of AI and adapt to this new environment to remain competitive and achieve success. Education, adaptation, collaboration, workforce adaptation, and ethics are key aspects they should consider when integrating AI into their businesses.