How can I extend my subscription?

You can extend your subscription in the following way:

Payment by credit card
On the Order Subscription page, simply select your preferred subscription plan (e.g. “PREMIUM Plan”) and select „“Pay by credit card” before submitting the form. You will then be redirected to the online payment gateway. Once the payment is made, your subscription will be extended automatically.

I need to issue an invoice with old VAT rates. How do I do this?

Just select Date of Taxable Supply before January 1, 2013, the VAT rate is converted to the rates in force in the previous period.

I cannot open a PDF invoice in Adobe Reader, there is a message saying “illegal operation inside a path”

This error occurs only in very old versions of Adobe Reader 7 and below. This version is over 5 years old, unmanaged, and poses a security risk to your computer and for this reason we do not support it. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Do you provide the data stored in the form to third parties?

The information you enter in the form when creating an invoice is not stored anywhere, and we do not provide any information about the use of to anyone.

Is there a possibility of misuse of the data on the invoice I create?

There is no risk of misuse of personal or corporate information, including any other information on the invoice. The connection between your computer and the service is secured using the encrypted HTTPS protocol, and the data that you enter into the form when creating an invoice is not stored on our side anywhere.

Where is the information on entities based on company ID taken from?

To retrieve the name and address of the economic entity, the application uses the freely accessible information system ARES (Administrative Register of Economic Entities) More information about ARES.

What is SWIFT and IBAN and what is it for?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international bank account number. The SWIFT code (sometimes referred to as BIC) uniquely identifies the bank in international transactions. Both of these codes serve primarily for payments to and from abroad.

I would like to create an invoice in a different language than you offer. Is it possible?

If you are interested in translating the PDF invoice into the language you need, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you the relevant translation data and then we will be happy to include it in our application.

The email with my login information got deleted, can you please send it to me again?

You can request a new email with login information on the Forgotten Code Recovery page. You will receive an email with login information right away.

I chose an invoice without VAT. Why does it say VAT Payer on the invoice when I’m not one?

The “VAT payer” information is displayed if you fill in the VAT ID. As a non-payer of VAT, you are not required to indicate the VAT number in business transactions. It serves primarily for communication with the tax office. If you do not fill out your VAT ID, you will see “Non-VAT payer” on the invoice.