How to invoice quickly and easily with With just a few clicks you can issue an invoice that you can email to your subscribers immediately.

To issue a new invoice with a PREMIUM or MINI subscription, on the main page click on the option Issue an invoice on the right side.

There is an easy form on the website to issue an invoice, which is divided into four parts.

1. Basic information

In this part, user sets basic information of the invoice, which are:

  • Type of invoice
  • Number of invoice
  • The tracking number of invoice
  • Date of issuing
  • Pay date
  • Date of the chargeable event
  • Form of payment
  • Variable symbol
  • Constant symbol
  • Issuer

2. Basic settings

Here user sets:

  • Currency
  • Rounding up
  • Language of invoice
  • Logo
  • Stamp
  • Invoice design
  • Information about the company address

    After the first filling and subsequent copying of invoices for the PREMIUM tariff, this section is hidden under the drop-down arrow to make filling even easier.

Receiver and Supplier section

In this section it is only needed to know the CIN, after its filled in all other information is filled in automatically such as the company's headquarters, etc.

Invoice items

The last part of the invoice serves to fill in all singular invoice items. These items can be edited by the subject of the invoice (Hours, pieces etc.)

After entering all singular prices is the collective price automatically counted and the number of items can be edited.

Issued invoices can be sent by e-mail or depending on the subscription downloaded or edited.