offers two designs for invoices that you can customize according to your preferences, influencing the overall style of your documents.

Invoice Style Settings

The style of the invoice can be easily adjusted when issuing an invoice by opening the Settings menu.


Invoice style - settings provides two basic options for the style of the invoice: Simple and Modern.

Two styles - simple and modern

Simple Invoice Style

The simple invoice style is minimalist and clear.


Simple invoice style

Modern Invoice Style

The modern style combines clarity with a contemporary design for the invoice. You have a range of preset invoice colors to choose from, or you can set your own color to manage the style of the invoice to your corporate visual identity and personal preference.

Modern style - color
Modern style invoice

Invoice Preview

If you want to see how the invoice will look before issuing it, simply click on the Invoice Preview at the bottom of the screen, and you can check at any time how the specific style of the invoice looks in the end.

Invoice Preview