is a tool used to issue invoices. It replaces, for example, excel or complex accounting programs. Everything works online.

To try out all the features, there is a TRIAL version, which corresponds to the PREMIUM tariff and lasts for 5 weeks.

After the trial period, two annual tariffs are available - MINI and PREMIUM. can issue several types of invoices.

These include:

  • VAT invoice - tax document
  • Invoice for non-VAT payers - VAT invoice
  • Advance invoice
  • Proforma invoice
  • Corrective tax document
  • Transferred tax invoice

Issued invoices can be downloaded (in PDF, ISDOC and XML format) or, depending on the subscription selected, for example, edited or manipulated in bulk.

In addition to the simplicity and speed of issuing invoices, the advantage of is the system's connection to databases, which are automatically matched and fill in all data for the user when entering invoice data.