PREMIUM is the subscription which has the most functions at

Functions of PREMIUM subscription

To classical options such as issuing invoices and the option to send them by e-mail are added also the following:

Saving issued invoices

With a PREMIUM subscription, there is a big advantage in the option to save already issued invoices to your computer anytime. With subscription MINI this option is limited to saving just right after issuing, later (for example in need to use it for a tax return) it is no longer available. When downloading, the user with a PREMIUM subscription has available also the function to download all or just chosen invoices collectively into the computer.

Editing issued invoices

The user may make a mistake for example in the amount, or he agrees on different terms with a client, with a PREMIUM subscription he does not need to issue the invoice again (it leaves us without the need to change variable symbols, duplicated documents etc.). In these cases, the invoice can be edited right away.

Seeing the state of invoices and columns

In the section Issued invoices can user with PREMIUM subscription view issued invoices by chosen criteria (date of issuing, receiver, date of chargeable event etc.) and mark their state (paid, sent, overdue).

Searching in invoices

Searching in invoices can be done with keywords or just view only (un)paid invoices.

Copying invoices

In the case of regular invoice issuing with the same data, the user can copy these invoices. In the section Issued invoices can an invoice be copied with just one click.

Collective actions

Invoices can be collectively downloaded, state marked or deleted.