The second tariff for InvoiceOnline users is the MINI subscription. It is designed solely for issuing invoices and their immediate download.

MINI tariff functionalities:

The MINI subscription offers the possibility to utilize two functionalities:

  • Invoicing
    Issuing an invoice online within seconds is very efficient. Not only does the tool automatically number the issued invoices according to the selected numbering series, but it is also connected to multiple sources and registers, thus speeding up the automatic loading of invoicing data (when entering the ID number).
  • Downloading invoices and sending invoices via email
    Every issued invoice can be downloaded to the computer or sent directly via email at the time of issuance. The sender is indicated by the email registered to the user's profile, and the text can be customized in the Email Templates section.

Mini subscription

💡 The Issued Invoices section is only available for Premium tariff users. With the Mini tariff, it is possible to download the invoice to the computer/send it via email immediately upon issuance. After that, it is no longer possible.

Mini subscription invoices

Upgrading from MINI tariff to PREMIUM tariff

If you already have a prepaid MINI tariff, the PREMIUM tariff is offered at a more advantageous price based on how much longer you have the MINI tariff prepaid. More information about transitioning from the Mini tariff to the Premium tariff can be found in this article.