When renewing the tariff, sometimes there is an error with the activation or with the receipt of payment and therefore with an inactive account even if the client has already paid his subscription. Clients can face this problem in both cases of prolonging – for a trial period or even with prolonging already owned annual subscription MINI and PREMIUM.

What are the most common problems of this?

A wrongly written variable symbol at payment

While paying for a subscription it is best to use a card payment gate (a link is always provided in the e-mail confirming order) or while creating an order on our website. The system fills the variable symbol automatically, so there is no place to wrongly write it. There is also an option to pay through a QR code which is included in the confirming e-mail.

If the client finds out that he paid with the wrong variable symbol, the fastest way to solve this is to write to [email protected]. The payment will be found by hand and matched with an account of the client.

Payment has not reached the account at InvoiceOnline.com

If a client chooses to pay through a wire transfer, his account will be active right when the payment reaches the bank account of InvoiceOnline.com, which can take up to a few days. The fast way is to choose payment by card.