Nowadays, when everyone can use online payments with a QR code, using mobile phones or smart watches, there are still many entrepreneurs who issue their invoices and tax documents manually, for example in Excel.

There are a large number of tools on the market that work very intuitively, for example quickly issues not only a classic invoice for VAT payers and non-payers, it can also issues proforma invoice and credit note. All data about the entities are retrieved automatically from various databases of the Czech state administration, not only from the classic ARES system. So you do not have to worry that some information is outdated.

This billing tool has celebrated 10 years on the market. To celebrate its anniversary, InvoiceOnline has prepared several new features for its regular users, but also for newcomers. You will now be able to take advantage of a trial period of up to 5 weeks with the highest PREMIUM tariff, which, in addition to an unlimited number of invoices issued, also provides easy editing.

Another new feature is a special event for all non-profit organizations. They can now use the InvoiceOnline tool for free. Instructions on how non-profits can sign up for the service can be found on the website, everything can be done very quickly in a few minutes.

A great advantage is the support of InvoiceOnline, which helps clients quickly resolve all their common and very unusual questions. For example, do you need to issue an invoice with the old VAT rate? No problem for InvoiceOnline, you can contact support via email [email protected], via Facebook profile or via the blog with all the latest news.